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About The Sport

Flyboarding is the newest and most exiting extreme sport. The Flyboard attaches to a PWC (Personal Watercraft…Jet Ski, Waver Runner, Sea Doo) which provides propulsion through the air and water. The propulsion is re-routed from the back of the PWC through an industrial strength hose to the Flyboard. Wakeboard bindings are mounted on the deck of the Flyboard which are worn like shoes. The board is neutrally buoyant and a Coast Guard approved flotation vest is worn by the rider. The manufacturer certified instructor carefully controls the throttle on the PWC to provide a comfortable amount of propulsion to levitate beginners to a sensation of walking on water, flying like Iron Man, and diving like a dolphin. Most beginners learn how to steer and maneuver the Flyboard in the first 2 – 5 minutes and are in full control of their altitude through hand signals to the instructor throughout their flight session. Highly experienced riders can request and fly to heights of 50 feet or more!

Safety Comes First 

To fly you must weigh at least 100 pounds, be at least 18 years of age or 14 years of age if accompanied by a legal guarding. Our Flyboarding instructors go through lengthy and intense training as required to be manufacturer certified instructor. All staff members are also certified in CPR and First Aid, as well as continued Boating Safety Procedure training. These credentials are mandatory in order to be licensed and insured to rent and/or sell Flyboards in the state of Florida. As a client, you must complete a brief pre-flight safety course with the instructor and are required to sign a liability release form which is standard with all watersports equipment rentals. As you progress to more experienced maneuvers and tricks that require deeper water landings, our water craft is equipped with a digital depth finder to assist the instructor in ensuring that you’re flying over a safe depth location of the lake at all times. All you need to bring is picture ID, swim wear, towels, sunscreen, and your excitement to fly!

Our Flight Training

We fly most Saturdays and Sundays primarily at Gaston Edwards Park on Lake Ivanhoe in Downtown Orlando, or Lake Virginia neighboring Rollins College main campus in Winter Park and by appointment on weekdays. Location depends on season and any events taking place at the time. We can also operate in virtually any public or private waterway with at least 12 feet of depth and a safe shoreline to launch. The parks mentioned above have plenty of free parking and lake front space & docs to hang out. Please always call or email first to confirm availablitly of your desired date & time if you prefer to book your flight session online.